[1]===Marine=== The MARINE is your primary offensive force. Armor made from a special material allows them to remain in combat longer. These combat units are most efficient if deployed in small groups. [2]===Hawk=== Serves as mobile artillery. Light armor allows it to move between positions quickly. The missiles' metal core ensures decent damage. The HAWK is too vulnerable for a head-on attack. To maximize its efficiency, use this combat unit as support. [3]===Wasp=== Can instantly break the armor of resource buildings and extract its accumulated resources. It's unique system of locomotion allows it to maneuver at high speed. Incredibly efficient for stealing resources, but absolutely useless for all other tasks. [4]===Vulcan=== Multi-layered armor absorbs a massive amount of damage, while electric shells work well against enemy armored emplacements. Vulcan is a perfect meat shield. [5]===C4 Roach=== Crammed with containers full of explosive materials. The light-weight, fast C4 ROACH can get to barriers in a split second. It's perfect for destroying walls at the enemy base. [6]===Hornet=== An air combat unit designed for destroying enemy defenses. It's air-to-ground missile containing an incendiary mixture can deal decent damage. The HORNET is very vulnerable to any anti-aircraft defense. [7]===Raptor=== A next-generation multi-skilled combat robot. Its heavy armor absorbs a great deal of damage, and the armament installed on it hits all targets efficiently. Only its cost and production time prevent this combat unit from being used universally. [8]===Repair Ship=== The workhorse of every army. The auxiliary ship is outfitted with everything it needs to repair equipment and treat biological organisms. The ship houses squads of maintenance nano-drones for conducting precision repairs on ground combat units. The REPAIR SHIP is very vulnerable to any anti-aircraft defense. [9]===Imperator=== This flying fortress can easily turn the tide of a military campaign. A large team of maintenance personnel services the hundreds of weapon types mounted on this giant. Its armor resembles a wall and is capable of withstanding multiple attacks. The IMPERATOR is best used as support for other combat units. [10]===SS8 Thunder=== The living epitome of military engineering genius. The multilayered armor of this god of war makes it an almost invulnerable target for enemies. Its installed armament deals great damage to ground targets. A couple of these combat monsters can make any enemy panic.

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